New Construction

Carr-Hamilton has been building homes for over 30 years. With that level of experience comes extreme competency and excellence. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, you can expect Carr-Hamilton Renovations, LLC to listen carefully and deliver the best customer service. Of course, what else would you expect from a Certified Professional Builder?

We Build Your Plan on Your Property.

You’ve been thinking of that dream home for years, and NOW it’s time to make it real! Carr-Hamilton Renovations, LLC is ready to help. We will meet with you, study your plans, survey your property and give you an estimated budget and timeline. Once an agreement is signed, we will get busy doing all of the un-fun things like securing permits and purchasing materials. Before long, though, you’ll start to see that dream home take shape. Most Carr-Hamilton Renovations, LLC homes are completed in 6-9 months. Let us get started on yours today! New Construction - Stack of Photos

Did you know?

Carr-Hamilton has built more than 2000 homes on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s no wonder Carl B. Hamilton was inducted into the Mississippi Housing Hall of Fame by the Home Builders Association of Mississippi in 2008.


The Construction Process… Step by Step

Homesite Preparation & Foundation.
Once we’ve signed an agreement and secured all permits and approvals, we’ll begin site preparation. This is when we plan how the home will fit on your land and clear the space for construction. You’ll get excited when you see us start building the foundation. A strong home starts with a strong foundation, and we are known for building the best!


Framing & Exterior Trim.
After the foundation is in place, we’ll begin to form the structure of the home. This process can take several weeks and is dependent on good weather. You’ll soon see exterior walls coming up and the roof shingled. Once the phase is complete, the home is considered “dried in”.
Mechanical Rough-ins & Insulation.
It won’t look like much is being done, but nothing could be further from the truth. During this stage, we’re working inside your home wiring it for electricity and installing the HVAC system and insulation.
Sheetrock & Interior Trim.
The skeleton structure will start to look more like a home in this phase when we install and finish the sheetrock, hang doors, build stairs, and install bathroom and kitchen cabinets.


Painting & Mechanical Trim.
This stage brings your new home to life! We add color and personality to the walls, trim, and ceilings. When the paint dries, we install the plumbing and electrical fixtures like light switches and sink handles, alarm keypads and thermostats.


Final Touches & Landscaping.
Almost there! This last stage is when we tidy up all of the final details like hanging mirrors, and installing tile, wood and carpet flooring. Outside, we erect fences, lay sod, and get your new home ready to move in.


Getting excited?

Call us today to start planning your dream home construction. With Carr-Hamilton Renovations, LLC, it’s easier than you think.

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